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Vistara Web Check-In for domestic flights

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Web Check-In Charges and Details

Q1. What is web check in charges?

Ans.Vistara Check in charges between Rs 150 - Rs 800. For Extra Leg space and Emergency Seat pay Rs 800.

Web check In Vistara here

Q2. How do I check-in?

Ans.Airport counters:
You may check-in at the airport check-in counters. They open 2 hours 30 minutes before and close 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure. All boarding gates close 20 minutes prior to departure. In case you report after boarding gate closure; the No-Show policy as per the fare rules will apply to your ticket.
Website & Mobile app:
You may also check-in online, through our website and mobile app .You can check-in online within 48 hours of scheduled flight departure and until 1 hour of scheduled flight departure

Q3. Can I select my seat during web/mobile check-in?

Ans.Yes. However, please note that the emergency exit seats cannot be booked through web check-in. Vistara reserves the right to change your seat if you are assigned an emergency exit seat, in compliance with safety regulations or a change in aircraft configuration

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