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domestic: airindia Excess Baggage fees

Extra Weight (in Kg) Amount (in Rs) Booking Mode Travel Area
52400Pre BookingDomestic
104500Pre BookingDomestic

airindia Excess Baggage Terms and Conditions

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  1. How much does it cost for extra luggage at the airport in India?
  2. According to the revised charges, IndiGo will charge Rs 400 per kg for every kilo beyond 15 kg which the passengers have to pay at the airport. In case of pre-bookings, the airline will charge Rs 1,900 for excess baggage of 5 kg, Rs 3,800 for extra 10 kg, Rs 5,700 for 15 kg extra and 11,400 for extra 30 kg.

  3. Does Air India allow extra baggage?
  4. For Domestic sectors within India, the excess baggage rate is INR 500 plus applicable GST per kg. ... As compared to other airlines which allow a baggagelimit of 15 kg, Air India has a limit of 25 kg. Airlines charge between the range of Rs 250 and Rs 400 per kg for excess baggage above the permissible limit.

  5. How do I buy extra baggage?
  6. Purchase excess baggage online on applicable flights while booking your flight or after booking by using our Manage Booking service. Select the excess baggage weight / piece you plan to carry from the available options.

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