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Convenience fees for International Airlines by Rank.

Rank Airlines Conviences Fees
One Way Round Trip
8Thomas Cook200350


  1. What is the Convenience fee?
  2. Convenience fee is charged , for every ticket booked online either by agent or by Direct.

  3. How to check the Convenience fee?
  4. you can easily check the Convenience fee from and compare who charge cheaper.

  5. Are convenience fees legal?
  6. A convenience fee is a charge incurred for the privilege of paying for something with a payment method that would normally not be used for such a product or service. ... Note: A convenience fee is not the same thing as a surcharge. A surcharge is the cost associated with using a credit card on a transaction.

  7. Why is convenience fee charged?
  8. In case of credit card, debit card, net banking and cash card fees, charges levied by banks and cash card companies were earlier borne by the airlines, but they're now being passed on to customers as a convenience fee

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